Inventory Application for Bunning Transfer
Bunning Transfer Company asked Bryte to develop an online inventory application which would eliminate thousands of sheets of paperwork updated by three people on a daily basis. They wanted (and received) an application that would run over the web so customers could check on their own inventory as necessary.

This application has several layers of security and access restrictions to allow the appropriate personnel access to only that data where he/she should have access. It will save hours of work in the future.

New Web Application for Nissan Diesel America
When Nissan Diesel America was in need of a new version of the software used by all their dealers to configure and quote new trucks to customers, they asked Bryte Software Design to help them. This was mainly because of the working relationship and trust developed between Nissan and Bryte while developing other applications over a period of several years.

Bryte delivered a package on time and under budget that is much more user-friendly than the old software package, and is more than Nissan expected.

New Website for Real Estate Firm
When New Home Real Estate & Mortgage company needed a new website that would highlight builders and communities they turned to Bryte.

The new website has surpassed the expectations of the management and staff at NHREM.

Several builders have given positive comments about the look and quality of this site.

New Site for Pediatric Associates of North Texas
This group of doctors needed a website that they could maintain (enter and change text and pictures) without learning html, yet would be secure enough for new patients to register online - rather than taking valuable time to register in the office or over the phone.

Bryte Software Designs Website for Total Health by Design
Bryte Software Design uses Rapid Application Development techniques to produce user-friendly Windows applications, Web applications, GUI designs and Client/Server products.

Because many of the products that we create are proprietary to our clients, we may not show them without permission. Some clients have given us permission to show some portion of their products and discuss the services we have provided to them. We will be happy to show you demonstrations of many of the products and sites we have implemented.

Many business problems revolve around the practical difficulties in converting raw data into actionable information.

GSCS Inc. handles procurement of electronic components for a client base of widely varying sizes and needs. Their employees had the difficult chore of maintaining by hand or spreadsheet a tremendous array of raw data. Bryte developed an intranet application which has permitted GSCS to simplify their business practices and focus on their core service, by automating or outright eliminating a large portion of critical but menial tasks, and expanding their range of services.

We've surprised GSCS on multiple occasions with imaginative and effective solutions to difficult business problems. We enjoy tailoring our services to explore and satisfy the specific business needs of our clients to the greatest extent possible.

Bryte implements website for Aerospace Insurance Managers
When it was time for a new Internet Site - and more, Aerospace turned to Bryte for the implementation of this site that can be maintained by the users. The agents at AIM have been very complimentary about the site. It is getting much more use than AIM ever imagined.