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  Bryte Software Design does web design and creates custom software database applications for business clients. We have been creating custom software programs since 1986. Today most of our work runs on the web so we use Microsoft .NET technologies for many of our development projects. We also create client/server database applications using Microsoft SQL Server and other databases including Access.  
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  Since we began custom software programming the methods, languages and databases have changed significantly. Today, most of our software development work is in .NET or Java. We use C# and VB.NET for most of the website development work we do. Our software development tools include Visual Basic and Access for smaller client/server projects.

To do web design at Bryte means one must understand how business works in addition to being very good at programming. We create database application software to help businesses run better.

  We also host a web server to provide hosting for our customers and email accounts with virus and spam filtering. We support ASP and Visual Basic as well as C# and DOT.NET applications. We have Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol for secure ecommerce transactions.

Please click on one of the options below to read more about Corporate Websites, E-Commerce sites, Web Hosting, Flash Multimedia, and Database Applications. If what you want is not listed, please contact us to see how we can help.
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  Click here to see just a few samples of some of the more recent websites we have completed.  
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  Bryte has helped many companies maximize their capital investment in Information Technology without unnecessary hassle or expense. We have worked for Fortune 100 companies as well as Mom & Pop organizations. No company is too large or too small for us to help. Click this link to see a partial list of the companies we have done work for and/or are doing work for today.  
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