A New Dimension of Sleep™

The BRYTE Bed anticipates, prepares, lulls, warms, cools, cradles, cuddles, conforms, supports, wakes, learns, analyzes and improves night after night.


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We are a sleep technology company

Starting with the science behind sleep, everything we make serves a purpose to help you achieve your optimal sleep. At BRYTE, we believe your best days start with better nights.



We have reinvented the bed from the inside out, combining the comforts you love with the intelligence that prepares a new dimension of sleep you never knew was possible.

Fully integrated design with no external components. See How It Works

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"I can't believe it controls your sleep environment!"

– BRYTE Embassy Customer


Elevate your sleep experience in soft, silky, moisture wicking sheets with cooling technology.

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"It's about time someone created this bed."

– BRYTE Embassy Customer


Rest easy and dream freely on our breathable, washable, hypoallergenic pillows.

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"I can't get this bed because I would never get out of it!"

– BRYTE Embassy Customer

Why we sleep

Discover how we can harness the transformative power of sleep to change our lives for the better. Explore how to unlock the power of sleep and dreams in Why We Sleep, by associated sleep expert, Matthew Walker, PhD, Director of UC Berkeley’s Center for Human Sleep Science.

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