Privacy Commitment

We promise to make privacy a top priority for each and every customer, so you can rest easy.

We promise to always give you the knowledge, choice and control of how you share your data.
We promise to anonymize the data unless you tell us otherwise.
We promise to not sell your identity.
We promise to always inform you what data we collect and how we use it.

We completely understand how your data is used on the BRYTE bed, and we believe you should too.  

AIDEN is our learning engine, focused on improving your sleep. There are six different types of sensors that help AIDEN learn your sleep and serve as your personal sleep concierge.  These sensors provide inputs that help you sleep better each night by deriving your sleep stage and sleep quality and managing your sleep environment.

Pressure sensors sense pressure areas to adjust the bed surface and track sleep quality
Motion sensors sense movement and are used to track your sleep
Sound sensors sense snoring and sounds that may awaken you (used only after you fall asleep)
Temperature sensors sense your bed and room temperature so AIDEN can dynamically warm or cool your BRYTE bed
Humidity sensors sense humidity to help make the temperature control system more effective
Light sensors sense the amount of light in the room so AIDEN can track and manage your sleep and room environment

All data collected is anonymous, which means we cannot connect your name or email to your bed and sleep data without your permission.  We keep our customer information system completely separate from our BRYTE cloud-based sleep data system.  We designed our system so that only you have the control and ability to connect your name to your anonymous data.  Through your BRYTE app, you may choose to share some feedback or characteristics of your sleep or physical characteristics to help AIDEN help you sleep better - we will also keep this feedback or characteristics strictly anonymous.

There are three main benefits to the anonymous data we collect:

Improving your sleep, we use your data to analyze and help you sleep better in your BRYTE bed
Community, we collectively analyze anonymous data to help the BRYTE user community sleep better.  When you sleep better, every bed learns and everyone sleeps better
Research, in the future, we may offer you an option to donate your sleep data anonymously to the sleep research community to help advance fundamental sleep science.

The only way we can connect your name & email  to your bed & sleep data is if you optionally choose to create a BRYTE account,.  There are three main benefits to creating a BRYTE account;

Remote Service, if anything goes wrong or you would like us to look at your sleep data to help your experience, we can remotely troubleshoot the issue
Additional Reporting, we can send additional personal reports to you via email or text (without a BRYTE account, you will still get reports on your BRYTE app)
Additional Backup Recovery, we can provide additional backup your bed and phone app configurations that allows for easier backup recovery

We love talking about privacy.  If you have any questions please send an email to