A bold reinvention of the status quo

The world’s first superbed that adapts to you as life changes

Fully-integrated design

Beautiful and seamless, all-inclusive, one-price, no add-ons or trackers required

Intuitive support & comfort

Adaptive internal architecture, topped with two layers of plush hybrid foam, covered with buttery soft fabric

Quality you can rely on

A combination of sturdy components, performance fabrics and unprecedented craftsmanship
Free shipping & returns
White glove service
365 day return policy
Up to 8 year warranty


$7250 USD

60"w x 80"l x 21"h


$8000 USD

76"w x 80"l x 21"h

California King

$8000 USD

72"w x 84"l x 21"h

Product Details
Deposits are fully refundable
Shipping Spring 2019
Full payment due when bed ships
As low as 0% APR financing will be available when it’s time to make your full payment

Meet AIDEN™, Your Personal Sleep Concierge

Intuitively Evolves and Adapts To You

Learns your preferences

Actively adjusts to you

Improves your sleep


BRYTE Active Integration™

How do these create the BRYTE Experience?

Fall asleep quickly

The BRYTE Wave slows down busy minds by focusing on a soothing, gentle movement flowing from your legs to your shoulders creating a mesmerizing and meditative effect. The BRYTE Active Temp feature automatically prepares your bed temperature just the way you like it to initiate sleep. AIDEN automatically dims your room lighting with warm, sleep-inducing light to prepare your mind and body for sleep.

Sleep deeply

BRYTE Active Coils cradle and conform to different body types and sleeping positions, dynamically adjusting to relieve pressure points to minimize disruptions and maximize your sleep quality. BRYTE Active Temp optimizes and manages your body temperature throughout the night using a science-based algorithm, keeping you in a longer, deeper and more restful sleep.

Wake with energy

The BRYTE Wake feature mimics the natural sunrise by gently warming you and slowly brightening the lighting in the room, naturally lifting your circadian rhythm to help wake you feeling refreshed and energized for a more productive day.

Learn and improve

During the day, AIDEN analyzes your sleep data anonymously to learn how well you slept and what bed and room algorithmic settings can be improved for the next night. Those improvements are then downloaded to your bed, ready for your next night’s sleep. Over time, your BRYTE Signature is created and refined, uniquely yours just like a fingerprint.

Product Details

Included with your BRYTE Bed

  • Base included
  • Starter Kit - Surge protector
  • Starter Kit - 2" Risers
  • Setup & Personalization
Whiteglove Service
  • Home delivery
  • Old mattress removal
  • Get Setup

BRYTE-Hearted Guarantee

  • Free shipping within the continental USA
  • We arrange for home delivery, bed set up, and removal of your old mattress
  • 365 day return policy
  • 5 year Care Package
  • 3 year Extended Warranty (optional)

What you'll need


BRYTE App compatibility:

  • iPhone 6+
  • Samsung Galaxy 7+
  • Google Pixel
  • iOS 10+
  • Android 6+
The necessities

In the room with the bed:

  • Standard 120V 3 pronged outlet
  • Wifi connection
The options

For a connected experience:

  • Phillips Hue Bridge V2+
  • Nest Learning Thermostat / Nest Thermostat E


Total room control within the BRYTE app
  • Nest Learning Thermostat / Nest Thermostat E
  • Phillips Hue Lighting V2+

*Hue, Nest and Bed frames are sold separately

Frequently Asked Questions

We'd love to meet you in person! Please visit us at our flagship store at Bellevue Square, located in Bellevue, Washington and ask for a bed demo.

Absolutely! Your deposit will be applied to the price of the bed or, if plans change, we will refund you in full.

Yes, our bed works with any standard queen, king, or California king bed frame. Our bed + foundation works as a system and is 21" tall. (1) If you have a platform bed, you will want to measure the height to be sure you are ok with it. Bed height is a preference. (2) If you have slats in your bed frame and the slats sit 3-4 inches off the ground, you are good to go. (3) If your bed is on a solid piece of wood, you will need place spacers between the foundation of the bed and your bed frame so your bed can breathe.

The BRYTE system has been carefully designed to securely protect your identity and keeps your personal data fully anonymous. When you choose to remain anonymous, BRYTE has no mechanism to create a link between a person and their data. This means that you do not need to create a BRYTE account to enjoy the benefits of having your bed cloud enabled. You can create an account if you choose, but it is not required. BRYTE's privacy policy

BRYTE Bed may be returned within 365 days from date of initial purchase provided your BRYTE Bed is clean and undamaged. All sales of the Special Edition Bed Frame are final. Accessories (i.e. products other than BRYTE Bed and Bed Frame) may be returned for credit within 90 days of purchase.

More FAQs